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dramione awards;

[what] the dramione awards community is designed to promote the DM/HG ship and to reward those authors and artists whose contributions the community of dramione fans wish to recognize.

[who] mods-round 7: atalanta84, gryff_slytherin, dollfaced, and floorcoaster. Art by draconis23.

[when] dates:
site opened September 25, 2007
round one (fic): September 28 - December 5 (2007)
round two (art): January 7 – February 23 (2008)
round three (fic): March 1 – May 14 (2008)
round four (one-shots/art): November 17 – January 2 (08-09)
round five (best of 2008): April 21 – July 2 (2009)
round six (best of 2009): February 15 - May 16 (2010)
round seven (drabbles/ficlets): Starting in September 2010!

[process]nominate. second. vote. winners. awards. repeat.

[past winners]
Dramione Awards Round 1
Dramione Awards Round 2
Dramione Awards Round 3
Dramione Awards Round 4
Dramione Awards Round 5
Dramione Awards Round 6
“He Had it Coming (Round 4)”
“He Had it Coming (Round 5)”

[current phase]
Round 7 voting begins on September 22nd!

Dramione Awards History

Q What is the point of the community?
A To promote the DM/HG ship and to reward those authors whose stories the community of dramione fans wish to recognize.

Q Who provides the awards graphics?
A For Round Seven, draconis23 will be providing the graphics.

Q Who started this site?
A He Had It Coming! was created by Tonya. After a couple of rounds she handed the site over to Heidi, who ran it through round three and up to voting on round four. However, she soon when MIA and left the site without an administrator. juju_bean stepped in because she loved it too much to see it die, and because she knew other people out there wanted it to live.

floorcoaster took over the site in September of 2007 because she wanted to see the excellent stories published since the last round get the recognition they deserve!

After running the community for two years and five rounds of awards, floorcoaster passed the community on to atalanta84 in 2009. Joining atalanta84 at the mod position for round 7 are: dollfaced, gryff_slytherin, draconis23 and floorcoaster.

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